Premier Equestrian Center

Always Faithful Equestrian Club members enjoy this carefully designed and engineered campus, devoted to maintaining the health, soundness, and well-being of our equine athletes, while advancing the competitive strength of our equestrians.  AFEC offers the highest quality facilities, amenities, and services to our horses, riders, trainers and staff.  Our disciplined daily focus ensures properly maintained barns, arenas, and premium, proprietary, felted sand footing.  Additionally, the most effective equine therapy equipment and treatment modalities are on-site, supporting of our holistic approach to horse care, wellness, and equestrian training.

World-Class Arenas

Always Faithful Equestrian Club spared no expense to establish ideal footing in each of its riding arenas, as well as the all-weather paddocks, lunging ring, and bridle paths / exercise tracks. The proprietary blend footing includes the highest quality particle sands, felt, and binding fibers and has been installed over state-of-the-art subterranean watering and drainage systems.  The single most important variable in maintaining a horse’s soundness is the quality and performance of the footing that supports these 1,200+ pound equine athletes as they exercise, train, and navigate their courses.  Our daily surface grooming program meticulously maintains consistent performance standards on all riding surfaces, ensuring the protection of these special athletes.

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  • All arenas include proprietary felted sand footing with quick drain systems, auto-sprinkler watering systems, and daily footing maintenance
  • Two heated Indoor Arenas:
    • Main Indoor 110 x 300
    • Training Indoor 100 x 240
  • Two Outdoor Arenas:
    • Main Outdoor 320 x 360
    • Training Outdoor 110 x 220
  • Grass outdoor ring and derby field:
    • Grand Prix Grass 160 x 320
    • Derby Training – Bank Field
  • Footing Maintenance; auto watering and dragging occurs two to three times daily and as needed for maintenance
  • Comprehensive jumps and training elements for all riding arenas
    • Jumps are maintained, serviced, and repaired at AFEC on-site carpentry shop
  • Gazebo viewing stands overlooking outdoor arenas and grass grand prix ring; covered seating, tables with chairs, fans, and refrigerated bottled water
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