State of the Art Heated Barns

Always Faithful Equestrian Club’s premier barns are all equipped with advanced climate and air quality control systems preserving ideal temperature, humidity, and fresh tempered air circulation providing our equine athletes and riders superior comfort, health and safety. All three of our barns provide the same amenities, systems and safety considerations. Two of our sixty-six (66) stalls are reserved for private quarantine providing safe isolation if needed.

CarouselBarn_Exterior_03-min CarouselBarn_Exterior_03-min

Our Barns

  • Radiant heat aisle floors with rubber brick pavers throughout all barns
  • Generous 12 x 12 Horse stalls each include:
    • Rubber or comfort stall matting
    • Individual ceiling mounted stall fans
    • Stainless steel automatic waterers (water buckets available as needed)
    • Stainless steel feeders
    • Salt blocks
  • Dutch windows on all outside facing stalls (40 exterior stalls)
  • Automatic insect and fly control systems
  • Climate controlled in-take and out-take make-up air systems, maintaining appropriate humidity and temperature levels, ensuring effective air flow.
    • The make-up air systems also prevent toxic, unpleasant, and harmful ammonia concentration.
    • Minimum air turnover is four times an hour
    • Sensors evaluate air flow and automatically increase air turnover as required (based on temperature, humidity, and ammonia levels)
  • Radiant heat snow melt system are installed underneath all exterior walkways and horse paths connecting to the two indoor arenas
  • Generous grooming and wash stalls with hot and cold water (12)
  • Private Vet and Farrier stalls
    • Specialized high power exhaust system during farrier work (> 3,000 CFM)
  • Safety clip crossties throughout all aisles 
  • Tennant floor sweepers and Tennant paver washers used to clean all aisles daily
  • Secure hay storage separate from all other areas
    • Inspected and maintained daily 
    • Samples are randomly tested for nutritional content and potential plant toxins
  • Three Hay Gain systems further purifying hay
  • Custom feed rooms with sealed feed bins, wash sinks, individual hygienic storage, and locked safes for equine pharmaceutical safety requirements
  • All tack rooms equipped with front load washers and dryers
    • On-site laundry equipment includes Miele Commercial Equine laundry system
  • Climate controlled, spacious, viewing lounges overlook both indoor arenas that include beverage centers, snacks, comfortable couches, generous seating, large viewing windows, cable TV, and complimentary WiFi
  • Fire Suppression systems in all barns (including sprinkler systems)