The Best

Professional Principled  Training

Always Faithful Equestrian Club “AFEC” partners with top-tier professionals to provide integrated training for the rider and the highest quality equine care and management for their equestrian partners. We uphold the highest level of respect for the horse, rider, staff, and the sport; at all times. Our equine management and training program “EMTP” incorporates best-in-class practices, builds training foundations required for safe riding, continued learning, and sustainable growth. The rider and trainer collaborate directly to determine objectives, identify strengths, and determine areas of opportunity. Each rider’s inherent learning style (visual, auditory, tactile) is incorporated into their customized training program, specifically tailored to include show schedules that match the rider’s ability, and alignment with achievable goals. 

Our show jumping equestrians compete in a variety of hunter, jumper, and equitation divisions at A/AA shows regionally, nationally, and across North America and Canada. Each year, several AFEC riders qualify and compete at select shows including Devon, Kentucky Pony Finals, FEI/North American Youth Championships (Young Riders), Harrisburg, Washington, and the National Horse Show.

Pursuing Passion and Realizing Results

Securing the right equine partner is a critical aspect for equestrian athletes to achieve their goals. Serving as trusted advisors, Always Faithful professionals are committed to achieving consistent success in sourcing properly matched equine partners. Our team is exceptionally knowledgeable, vigilant, and devoted to maintaining soundness, wellness, and specialized training of these elite equine athletes, ensuring their health, well-being, and readiness to successfully train and compete.

Train with the Best

Kent Farrington

AFEC is proud of its integrated training program with Kent Farrington. A Chicago native, Kent is an Olympic silver medalist in show jumping who earned the elite status as the number one ranked show jumper in the world, for eleven consecutive months. He is also the winner of the 2019 Rolex Grand Prix at CHIO Aachen, revered by many to be the most prestigious win in the sport of show jumping.

Kent and his team are passionate about helping dedicated riders grasp their potential while creating an environment for horses to thrive as top athletes.  As Kent explained at the 2012 George Morris Horsemanship Training Session,  “I keep it pretty simple.  Training horses is like anything—it’s all about being consistent. You do the same thing training the same way every single day—it becomes a habit. Horses understand that.”

To learn more about Kent’s style of teaching at the 2012 and 2018 George Morris Horsemanship Training Sessions, read Building Blocks of Success by the Chronicle of the Horse and Train What’s Difficult by Practical Horseman or visit his website at

John French

Truly one the sport’s most natural talents, John has achieved high performance success in both the hunter and jumper disciplines.  He has represented the United States in Nations Cups and FEI World Cup™ Finals and was also the winner of the inaugural $100,000 ASG Software Solutions/USHJA International Hunter Derby Finals.

For over two decades, John French has consistently proven to be one of the most accomplished hunter riders in the sport.  John won the WCHR Lifetime Achievement Award in 2012 and has held the title of World Champion Hunter Rider four times.  He was awarded the CPHA Pre-Green Incentive Rider of the Year three times.  He also claimed the title of West Region USHJA Hunter Derby Rider of the Year annually since 2016.   And John was recognized with the PCHA Perpetual Trophy as the professional rider winning the most championships in PCHA-rated hunter divisions almost every year over the last three decades.  In 2019 he claimed the distinguished title of WCHR Professional National Champion and in 2020, was inducted into the National Show Hunter Hall of Fame.

John is highly regarded as a clinician and a coach, has piloted countless horses to fame and success on both coasts, and is enthusiastic about his new chapter with Kent as trainer and rider for Farrington’s hunter division.

Kim Davidson

Kim, our Director of Program Development and dedicated in house Head Trainer, provides oversight for all integrated training and equine management services. Prior to transitioning to a full-time position with AFEC, Kim worked for several top tier professionals. Her most recent years included working for both Kent Farrington and Brian Walker, focused on equine management and equestrian training with children, junior, and amateur riders. She governs the AFEC training program under the KPF umbrella; collaborating with Kent Farrington, his long-time Manager and current Head Trainer, Alex Warriner, and John French, trainer and professional rider for KPF’s Hunter Division.  Kim’s daily coordination with KPF affiliates ensures effective achievement of both best practices and results with rider instruction, equine management and training, and competitive show management.

She is at the heart of our values, culture, and philosophy embracing integrity, transparency, and effective communication. Kim, the rider, and our medical team work closely together to create a comprehensive program that incorporates health requirements, training objectives, exercise routines, and  that are aligned with the goals of each rider and their equine partner.

To learn more about the AFEC Equine Management and Training Program (EMTP), please contact us.

Alex Warriner

Alex Warriner (KPF) provides demonstrated expertise, training at the highest level of competition.  Her 25 years of experience in the sport started with a successful junior career, including second place finishes at both the USET Finals and Maclay Medal Finals as a junior rider.  She developed, built, and ran her own hunter/jumper training program before joining Kent Farrington (KPF) full-time.

Alex served as Kent’s Manager of Operations and Training for more than twelve years. She has consistently supported Kent in his achievements as a USA Olympic Team Medalist and the 2017 number one ranked rider in the world for Longines show jumping.  Alex has participated in every major international championship along the way; Global Champions Tour, World Cup Finals, Pan American Games, World Equestrian Games, and the Olympic Games.

Since 2016, Alex has dedicated her focus towards training the most competitive junior and amateur riders, traveling with her clients to the best and most challenging shows in North America, and championing their aspirations to achieve the highest levels of the sport. Alex’s students have earned wins and championships from the pony divisions through the high jumper divisions at all major North American shows including the Winter Equestrian Festival, American Gold Cup, Spruce Meadows, Hampton Classic, Great Lakes, Tryon Equestrian Center, etc.  In 2018, Alex served as Zone 5 Chef de Equipe for the FEI North America Youth Championships, guiding the teams to gold, for both individual and team medals, out of a field of over fifteen teams of the highest ranked junior and young riders from the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

Alex coordinates closely with Kim Davidson to ensure seamless advancement of qualified equestrians in our program, who want to pursue top levels of competition.  Her extensive depth and breadth of equine training, equine management, and rider instruction makes her an incredible resource for our equestrian athletes.

Lauren Abdelahad

Lauren serves as an Assistant Program Director, in support of the Equine Management and Training Program, the team’s AA show travel circuit, and instruction at the AFEC Riding Academy.

Lauren brings fifteen years of equestrian experience across Eventing and Show Jumping disciplines. In her earlier years, she was an active participant at the national level in the United States Pony Club, and coordinated, managed, and conducted riding camps, with passionate dedication to training emerging equestrians and young horses.

Prior to joining AFEC, Lauren spent the last six years focused on best practices in equine care and training, working closely with several top tier FEI International Show Jumping and Eventing competitors, including members of the Ecuador team in the Pan American games.  She has also proudly developed numerous green horses along the way, many progressing to be highly successful competitors.  Lauren loves to take on challenges associated with young, inexperienced horses, and is avid in her determination to maintain the physical and mental soundness of these magnificent animals.


Learn to Ride!

Always Faithful Riding Academy (“AFRA”) was established to provide an opportunity for young riders to develop the knowledge, training, and sportsmanship required to safely pursue the joy of riding. Our students experience the wonder, trust, and gratification of embracing these magnificent animals as partners and friends. The Academy provides a fun, engaging, personalized, and progressive program for emerging equestrians.

Students advance at their own pace, with peers who share a passion for horses, and each learn how to:

  • Care for a horse: basic anatomy, grooming, nutrition, daily care needs, and tack used for safe riding
  • Develop horsemanship: delicate balance between power and grace to effectively work together
  • Expand sportsmanship: humble confidence earned through commitment, accountability, discipline, kindness, contribution, and teamwork

Our riders compete in a variety of hunter, jumper, and equitation divisions at A/AA shows regionally, nationally, and across North America and Canada. Many riders qualify and compete at shows such as Devon, Kentucky Pony Finals, FEI/North American Youth Championships (Young Riders), Harrisburg, Washington, and the National Horse Show.

Professional training, dedicated horse care, and personalized equine management programs incorporate best-in-class practices, continuous improvement, consistently striving to be better, and mutual trust. Training principles focus on understanding each rider’s learning style while upholding the highest level of respect for the horse, riders, and the sport. A critical aspect of attaining elevated performance and achieving goals for an equestrian competitor is securing the right equine partners. Serving as trusted advisors, Always Faithful professionals are committed to achieving consistent success in sourcing properly matched equine partners. Our team is devoted to the vigilant maintenance of soundness, wellness, and specialized training of these elite equine athletes, ensuring their health and readiness to successfully compete.

Contact Us for additional information or to apply to Always Faithful Riding Academy.