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Dedicated Equine Management

Always Faithful Equestrian Club is dedicated to providing professional equine management horse care. Every decision we make is driven by three fundamental questions;  Is it best for the horse?  Is it safe for the horse and rider?  Is is consistent with the horse and rider goals?  Boarding club members collaborate with their trainer, equine manager, and our professional services equine medical team to create a customized program focused on horse health, well-being, soundness, fitness, performance, and happiness. The result is a comprehensive, integrated, individualized equine management training program, properly aligned with rider goals, and promotes their ability to achieve partnership success.

Premium Boarding

  • Grain provided 2-3 times daily (Cavalor, Purina, etc.)
    • Daily supplements and medication distributed as directed (provided by the member)
  • Unlimited premium hay including hay nets as needed (hay is offered every morning, afternoon, evening, and at night check)
  • Salt and/or mineral blocks supplied for each horse
  • Stainless stainless steel mounted feed bowls and steel auto waters (water buckets as requested)
  • Continuous manure removal; stalls mucked twice daily, picked throughout the day, and re-bedded every Tuesday and Friday (Guardian Hypoallergenic Premium Shavings)


  • Up to seven days per week (scheduled per trainer directed program)
  • Sixteen all-weather turnout paddocks with proprietary felted sand footing, quick dry drain systems, and banded safety electrical fencing
  • Fourteen large grass turnout paddocks (as weather permits)

Horse Care

  • Daily grooming includes brushing, hoof care, bathing, mane/tail care, and trimming
    • Body clipping monthly
  • Grooming supplies provided (brushes, picks, shampoo, conditioners, fly spray, etc.)
  • Tacking, untacking and cleaning all tack with each use
  • Saddle pads and polos (laundered daily on-site)
  • Blanketing, booting, and wrapping as needed (member provides required tack)

Health Management

  • Schedule, manage and coordinate all equine services as agreed upon and requested (member pays providers directly)
    • Veterinarian (DVM)
    • Farrier
    • Dental (DVM)
    • Chiropractic Specialist (DVM)
    • Acupuncture
    • Therapeutic Massage and Empath Assessment

Security and Safety

  • 24 x 7 on-site staff (three full-time staff members live on property)
  • Personal Nest Camera in every horse stall (club members have access to their horse camera)
  • Security Cameras monitoring the entire property; three barns, all turnout areas, arenas, exercise equipment, and entry/exit gates (48 cameras with DVRs and iPhone monitoring)
  • Secured gated entry requires non club members to use the keypad to call staff to gain property access (club members have personal key cards for direct access)
  • Comprehensive fire-suppression systems in all barns: sprinkler systems, extinguishers mounted every 25 feet, fire doors, pull stations, fire alarms, and 24×7 radio monitored systems serviced by Libertyville Fire Department
    • Emergency safety plans and evacuation procedures
    • Evacuation equipment for safe exit
    • Additional outdoor safety gate systems to prevent horses from “going home”